Hebrew Pendulum

Hebrew Pendulum session. One hour. 



The Hebrew pendulum it’s a wonderful tool to clear up noxious energies such us black magic, santeria, dark spirits. It’s also a great tool to direct the energy to an specific goal such us “Sadness” “Anxiety” “Fin my way” “Perfect health” “Jelous” “Envy” “Attrack money”

It is used with the Hebrew alphabet, a sacred language, that is, IDEOGRAPHIC. It is worth saying that there are 2 types of languages: the “solar” or ideographic ones that name and create things and the “Moon” ones that describe them. The “solar” languages ​​name reality, and they are Sanskrit, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Quechua, and Hebrew.Ideographic languages ​​are those that name reality and represent an idea through a drawing or symbol (which in Greek means “what unites”), for example, hieroglyphs. That is to say, in these languages, a lot of information is put in in very little space.

Each Hebrew letter generates a specific vibration and the resulting words polarize us with this vibration, causing a change of resonance, of tuning of subtle levels of consciousness, affecting our DNA.

Only by irradiating the energy does it penetrate the energy field, without any effort on our part, to enable a process that balances the state of the physical body and its functions

In this session we set specific goals and then you can relax and I will irradiate you with energy.