Quantum Pendulum – Energy leash cut



The Quantum pendulum it’s a great tool to find out the cause of your problems. The pendulum will guide us showing us Past life, soul contracts, Family tree patterns, Energetic problems, Physical problems, Spiritual problems and external problems that could be affecting your energetic system.

It’s a complete treatment that can release and re direct the energy to heal any situation. It’s a great tool to cut energetic conections and relationships that are harmful, from love relationships to family relationships.

The situations can include a relationship, deseas, work , money, marriage, love, friendship, patterns,  behaviors, addictions, etc…

The session is not for time but for goal. For this session I will send you a video working in the problem that you want me to check specifically or cuting the energetic leash you have with someone.

I highly recommend it for ex relationships and parents relationships.

The session needs to be set up with an specific goal. One goal per session until the pendulum says it’s resolved.