want, but I feel that I can’t

Are you feeling this strong voice in your head that says “I can’t” and though you want to, you freeze?

Is this dark force coming within you whenever you think in doing THAT, that you need to do to become happy?

We all have THAT thing that challenges us. So, what’s next?

Well, first think for how long you want to live with this. Do you want to find yourself in the same place next year? And the next? For how long will you go on like this?

Just to think of finding yourself in the same place, with the same suffering next year probably freaks out.

Try to find answers within you, why you don’t give that step? See If this sounds familiar:

I think I fear to fail. I feel so frustrated when I fail that I can’t stand the idea of confronting fail again.
What people will say when I start this? This is the first time I will do something I feel I really enjoy.
I fear to expose myself.
I fear not be good enough.
I fear disappoint others too.
If you recognize what is pulling you down but you still feel that you can’t overcome it, I would recommend some Bach flowers that will bring your inner potential. Because you can!

And you are not alone, things won’t happen one day to another, and this is something to take in account.

But If you take action against those walls, through your spiritual practice, through Bach flowers and reiki, eventually you will defeat the fundamental darkness that is within you and bring the light that is already there waiting to be found.

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