About Gabriela

About Gaby

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am a mother, an author and Alternative Therapist based in California. My mission is to help people navigate out of their suffering and empower them to discover how to overcome and break free from toxic patterns.

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Atlantean Healing

Because it is not easy to exit the maze of emotions, fear and negativity without a map.

This is my reason why I have developed a technique called “Atlantean Healing” that is based on memories from my past lives during great Atlantis as well as a combination of different ancient and modern techniques.

My unique method helps me to find the root cause of any issue and to re program not only a person who comes to me for help but the entire family tree. My intuitive, multi-dimensional approach allows me to find the best solution and a path towards a healthier and balanced life for each person I work with.

Work with me:

People from all over the world reach out to me for a variety of issues, from relationships, health and traumas to weekly coaching and future planning.


My Sessions:

I offer in person and remote sessions and many clients book a regular weekly session to support their progress.


Energy Work & Healing: Clearing personal energy fields, home energy clearing, Reiki, Quantum healing, Bach Flowers remedies

Readings: Taro and Angel Cards readings, Akashic Records

Coaching: Life Coaching


On a new moon you can find me wild camping near Mount Shasta. Through my daily Buddhist practices, I reconnect with myself, nature, and with one of the most important treasures of life – simplicity.