Atlantean Healing session

Atlantean Healing session. 



This unique technique combines energy healing, and quantum healing to find the cause and unlock the energy to release the situation you are in now. The session includes:

  • Diagnose of the energy field, clean all noxious energies.
  • Createa toroide of energy, connection with the source and mother earth.
  • Review family tree and past life, if needed.
  • Find balance in the subconcious concepts that set up your mind on the daily basis.
  • Stop patterns and behaviors that you don’t like.
  • Find the origin of the karma patterns and karmic connections.
  • Akashik Records
  • Past Life
  • Coding and re programming

In this session we will talk about what’s concerning you and I will connect with you and your spiritual guides to find out what is the best way to help you. I am not a fortune teller so I will not look into your future and the session is not about me guessing or trying to find out with my psychich powers what is going on. The session will be based on trust and dialogue, where we will work together as a team and I will be representing your guides in this third dimension.

We will open your Akashic records if needed and clear the energy from your family tree that could be stopping you from growing or feel happy in this life. I will be your guide to help you to keep walking your path and achieve your mission in this life.

The session is one hour but I won’t close the session until the guides tells me that it’s over, so it can last a little longer. I will also include pendulum healing if needed.

For the session you need to be in your house, in a comfortable room by yourself and it is recommended not to do anything after the session.