I think that my phone has bad energy

Have you ever felt that after you use your phone the energy change? Have you ever felt that you can’t stop watching your phone? Like if your phone was attracting you?mHave you ever felt in a bad mood after checking your phone? Or that you can’t sleep well while your phone is by your side?

If you ever felt like this you will want to know more about how the energy travels through your phone.

To take in account energy is information, is a type of coding so when we send information, we are actually sending a coding that affects our body in the same way a computer is affect by any kind of information. From a web site, cookies, or virus, or anti virus.

Whenever we receive energy, good or bad, we are actually receiving information.

In the same way, information carries energy too. And energy can be part of a network too.

As there is light, there is darkness. Unfortunately, for now, the dark forces of the universe are taking advantage of the technology to spread their energy around. And not even them, even a friend in a bad day can send to us that energy.
For example, someone response to your message and even when you can’t hear the sound of the voice, you know this person is upset, right? Then you feel upset too. How amazing is that? No facial expression, no tone of voice, but you know that your friend is upset or that something is wrong.

Your phone is more than just a phone. It become a tool of connection with you a hundred of being. And even when you are not looking at your phone the connection was established. This connection will keep sending information to you (energy) that will affect your mood and your daily life.

I highly recommend to clean the energy of your phone often. If you are an energy healer, you will know how. If not, you can contact me and I can do that for you in your session.

Please, don’t go to web sites that brings down your vibration or follow people that makes you feel bad. It is very important to filter all content specially for kids! Because even when you take the phone out, they will be connected to the program they were watching. Be sure, comes from a good source.

If you have questions, please, feel free to write to me.